Nana Adwoa Awindor shares her biggest moments on “Greetings from abroad”

Veteran television presenter and Executive Director of the Obaapa Development, Obaapa Nana Adwoa Awindor, has shared what she considers as the biggest point in her career as host of Ghana’s first international link TV show, ‘Greetings from Abroad’.

She made an appearance on Y107.9FM’s Y-Leaderboard Series where she shared with the host, Rev. Erskine that her biggest moments were times when she got to meet reputable Ghanaians both inside and outside the country doing great things.

“I have had the opportunity of meeting notable Ghanaians. I met Akenya. He is an artist and a musician combined and he had clientele like the Oprahs, the Johnsons and others, and this is a Ghanaian that I got the chance to interview. I was so happy that our own had gotten that far”, she said.

Nana Adwoa added, “I interviewed some young guys in London who were working in the banks as Deputy COOs and whatnot, and I feel proud that as a Ghanaian, I have gone out there and met young guys who were doing very well”.

According to her, she had the chance to meet great people who at the time were very hard to reach and she was able to build a huge network of Ghanaian community leaders and this is why she emphasizes the importance of taking the right routes as it sends you to the right places.